What would you like to see?

Leaves are falling, potato and leek soup is on the menu.
Darkness over daylight and central heating.
Hibernation breezing from the stars.
Many an evening thinking of Caribbean holidays.

Winter is around the corner and some see this as a time of slowing down; which I sort of relate to but also see it as a time of planning.   Planning Christmas, bonfires, spring, summer & all the regular going-ons.  I always think that I have loads of time to get these things straight in my head but then it’s May before I know it and I’m a year older.

People have been asking recently what the future is for Rainbow. Is it irregular meetings, coffee relationships, occasional worship songs and birthday parties?  It’s a weird one to tackle at times as I feel in our ever changing community, that all the colours of the rainbow are on display and the diversity which is our strength can also be our weakness.  We can’t please everyone.

We can’t please everyone which has been seen by our prayer meetings which, even though have been a strong quality God filled experience, the quantity has dwindled a  little with people wanting different God experiences or choosing different paths altogether.  This isn’t necessarily a diverse Rainbow thing but actually a UK / global thing.  Alternative churches, I have relationships with, are going through the same scenarios and people are searching yet again, in this customised christian life, we have all become to accept as the norm.

I’m not saying that people paths are wrong (although I do believe that it needs Jesus), I’m just seeing the issues of what change brings is a challenge which involves a lot of insecurity.
I would like to see (and I think God likes to hear my thoughts on the matter, so I am not saying this is a vision from God but He wants me, you and all of us to dream as His bride) a place.  This place can be a coffee shop or a gallery or a pub or something but is a place where we can come together at any time and BE CHURCH.  Yes we will still need set prayer / worship / teaching moments but it can organically grow.

I see this! What do you see?  Answers on a postcard, tweet or an email.  Love G xxxx