Thank you for peace

Thank you all that came to the last #peacemeal.  We will do one in the spring and if anyoneIMG_5184 has any ideas on this then send them through.

#Peacemeals seem a clear and simple way to be church together and enjoy being with family. Eating, chatting (which we are amazing at) and focusing on peace, love and Jesus. Also bring the kids into adult conversation where they are relevant to each other.

#Peacemeals are also an easy way of inviting people along and getting people involved.

#Peacemeals are also a good thing to do in your homes.  Be formal or informal, have a focus (calais strategising, community events, getting to know neighbours, multi faith , grace and anything else you wanna add.  It is a resource there to be taken.  

You can do as little as two people invited or 10 its up to you, you don’t even have to spend money as people can bring food (please post up here or somewhere photos and texts if you do have a peace meal).


Below is Noel’s description handout of what a peacemeal is.  Have also attached a link at the end of this post / email to the pdf handout.IMG_5177


What is a Peacemeal?

Any meal that has the clear intention of creating the space for something liberating and life-giving to take place, and raises the expectation for this to happen, is a Peacemeal.

The concept of the Peacemeal is inspired by the ‘table-fellowship’ of Jesus; following his example it is a place where those who endeavour to follow him, plus those of different faiths and no faith, are all equally welcomed, honoured and respected.

What links Jesus and the Peacemeal?

  • The only physical thing Jesus leaves us, with which to build the church, is a table with food on
  • The most inclusive image of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus is not a cross but a table
  • Everything needed to be both a Jesus disciple and community is found within the Peacemeal
  • The ‘Peacemeal Revolution’ is the one revolution still waiting to take place in the church. Once it has happened church will simply never be the same againWhat is distinctive about the Peacemeal?
  • It takes any everyday shared meal and turns it into something profound
  • It expresses both the physical and spiritual in the most wholistic way
  • It combines astonishing simplicity with profound power and complexity
  • It can communicate across – and be embraced by – every human culture
  • It is the solitary physical cornerstone with which to build Jesus-community
  • It confronts people with the person and power of the risen Jesus
  • It can take many different forms to engage a wide variety of people and needs (see below)IMG_5192
  • It is subversive (like a parable), confronting each person with challenging truths
  • It is revolutionary: it is deeply spiritual yet beyond the reach of formal religion
  • It empowers every individual: anyone can host the Peacemeal
  • Its simplicity enables even the poorest person to offer a Peacemeal
  • It inspires creativity: capable of being expressed in thousands of different ways
  • Its core significance can be grasped by even the youngest of child
  • It naturally creates an atmosphere of acceptance, vulnerability, trust and love
  • It welcomes those of other faiths, or no faith, both honoring and respecting them
  • It is a place for robust debate and argument, yet somewhere for deep contemplationWhat varieties of Peacemeal expressions are possible?- It is capable of being expressed in thousands of different ways, some key examples are:
  • Ø  Peacemeal: conversation / table-talk• This is a meal for the purpose of discussion, debate and learning
  • Ø  Peacemeal: communion / nurturing spirituality• This meal has at its core reflection, meditation and response
  • Ø  Peacemeal: community / building relationships• This meal, the foundation of expressing ‘church’, weaving lives together
  • Ø  Peacemeal: celebration / spiritual partying• This meal offers the opportunity for joyful festivity and godly merrymakingIMG_5175
  • Ø  Peacemeal: children / stimulating spiritual awareness• This meal is fun; provoking questions and developing understanding
  • Ø  Peacemeal: common ground / interfaith friends• This meal creates a space where those of different beliefs can share and learn
  • Ø  Peacemeal: caring / hunger and hospitality• This meal, whether soup-kitchen or kitchen table, feeds the hungry body and soul
  • Ø  Peacemeal: conciliation / justice, reconciliation, healing• This meal facilitates space for enemies to become friends and healing to be found
  • Ø  Peacemeal: communication / voice on the streets• This meal is an acted prophesy, parable, or sign, provoking people to think and change
  • Ø  Peacemeal: creation / table in the wilderness• This is a meal to encourage and enable nature connection and celebration
  • Ø  Peacemeal: creativity / other stories and examples• These are other creative meals that express Peacemeal ideas

Peacemeal handout