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Dates for The Rainbow Fam

Dates for The Rainbow Fam for the whole year! I know its like dates in advance. Wed 8th April | Easter Egg Hunt @ Ema’s Palmers Greenery, Broomfield Park. Web Link Sat 11th April | Protest Detention Centre at harmandsworth detention centre (biggest…

New Year and lots going on.

NY COMMUNION Sunday 12th Jan, 15:00 at Simon & Christines, 19 Whitley Road, N17 6RJ New Year twenty fourteen here and we start off with a glass of wine (or juice for the non drinkers) and Bread (cauliflower for celiacs)…


Our friendly missionary in Philladelphia has now gone past the half a year mark. He’s settled in all things U S A and is making some great multi media going ons. Respect to the MAN!Facebook Dan