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What would you like to see?

Leaves are falling, potato and leek soup is on the menu. Darkness over daylight and central heating. Hibernation breezing from the stars. Many an evening thinking of Caribbean holidays. Winter is around the corner and some see this as a…

Rainbow BBQ Sunday 11th August

Rainbow BBQ Sunday 11th August @ 3pm @ Arkansas House New Orleans Estate Hornsey N19 3SZ (not scout hall) Probably the last time we use the Arkansas Hall before the lease finishes. Will be a fun afternoon of BBQ, Pimms,…

Wood Green's Suli Breaks inspires a generation

This I found really inspiring and I hope you find it as inspiring too. In a time when rappers and poets are talking sex, cars, and money; this is a breath of fresh air from Wood Green’s own Suli Breaks. Got another poet to my list of likes!

Haus EP coming soooooooon

ALSO:::: HAUS got an EP Coming out at the end of the month. I saw them last night and they were sick! They seem to improve everytime I see them. Check out there tunes here on Soundcloud


Our friendly missionary in Philladelphia has now gone past the half a year mark. He’s settled in all things U S A and is making some great multi media going ons. Respect to the MAN!Facebook Dan