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In this episode Frances shares a unique story of adopting a little girl through the New Zealand Social Care system. The language is shared but practice and underlying values and ethics contrast the UK's. Stories are potent and can expand our understanding, listening to Frances her story asks us to [...]
Sat, Nov 10, 2018
Source: adoptive dad from up north
Adopters Stories is a short podcast where adopters tell their own stories. There's no filter or edit, no motive for recruitment or drive to raise a specific issue. In this edition of Adopter Stories Louise shares her experience of adoption with her wife though the concurrency route (Foster to Adopt).If [...]
Sat, Nov 03, 2018
Source: adoptive dad from up north
I remember this poem – It was 2000 and someone said that I was thinking with my willy. So I wrote this poem in my Ford Transit Van waiting for someone to drop off a delivery. I think it's silly when people ring me and tell me I'm thinking [...]
Fri, Nov 02, 2018
Source: Zippy
1968 the cyclist with the beret was born 1968 the year of social unrest as we celebrate his fiftieth ‘1968 apathy' tries to resurrect and infest 68 saw the passing of a spokesman M L King left after delivering his dream They tried to finish 2018's advocate but today Malala [...]
Mon, Oct 22, 2018
Source: Zippy
Morals and Values forValues. What and where they should come from. ž They must take precedent above our culture –whatever culture that might be.ž They need to come from more than our upbringing or education.ž The best place they should come from is from the heart of being a [...]
Mon, Sep 17, 2018
Source: The Godfather of Rainbow Mr Adrian Hawkes

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