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I'm sat in a room with much clever, wiser and knowledgable grown ups than me. The person stood in front of us draws a cautious breath and asks. 'shall we do this then?'Its a big ask, the 'this' is to start a school for children who are unable or struggle [...]
Tue, Jan 23, 2018
Source: adoptive dad from up north
After a mini January relaps/break we've hit 2018 with vim and vigour. As ever there's usual banter with Al & Scott, with a look at the New Year and the podcast for 2018. We cover some topical stuff and with relentlessness and unwavering mockery Scott turns on Al (the highly [...]
Sun, Jan 21, 2018
Source: adoptive dad from up north
4 Morals and Values - Good and EvilWhile looking up something recently on Wikipedia, I discovered lots of comments about myself in discussion with Richard Dawkins. Many of the comments following on from the discussion are stateme... [...]
Wed, Jan 17, 2018
Source: The Godfather of Rainbow Mr Adrian Hawkes
Morals and Values 3. Morals and Conscience Do we have them? This is the third time I have talked about this subject from which you will gather that I think it's important, especially in the light of some the recent events in the UK, such as ... [...]
Fri, Dec 15, 2017
Source: The Godfather of Rainbow Mr Adrian Hawkes
We then trusted you with our heart Faith that when Homosapians fall from our expectations True love catches us. We made a promise Promises echoing from incomplete beats on our incomplete pumping hearts Promises that we will Love Love you, Love our friends, Love our enemies Even Love orange American [...]
Mon, Oct 02, 2017
Source: Zippy

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