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I'm really comfortable with the idea that adoption is second best, has pragmatic DNA and is fundamentally an issue held in a quandary that cannot be resolved.For every article questioning the validity of adoption in the context of human rights, primal wounds, societal changes and austerity cuts to family support [...]
Thu, May 17, 2018
Source: adoptive dad from up north
Hoodwinked is perhaps too strong a word, but I am feeling a little hoodwinked. Saying that raises the spectre of a tricky conversation that won't perhaps reflect that well on me.I entered into the Adoption Contract in good faith, and this week I'm feeling a little hoodwinked as the dawning [...]
Sun, May 13, 2018
Source: adoptive dad from up north
7. Morality and Values Thinking Controls everything.Well first of all: Any answers to my question of last time? My question was: What is it that is used to change us and develop our consciences? Is it God? Or is it us? Lots of answers ... [...]
Tue, Apr 24, 2018
Source: The Godfather of Rainbow Mr Adrian Hawkes
6. Morals and Values Laughing at BadI was leading a community of Jesus followers in the North of England, when I noticed that there was a particular parent who every time their child did something bad, they laughed at the child and noted how... [...]
Tue, Mar 13, 2018
Source: The Godfather of Rainbow Mr Adrian Hawkes
We then trusted you with our heart Faith that when Homosapians fall from our expectations True love catches us. We made a promise Promises echoing from incomplete beats on our incomplete pumping hearts Promises that we will Love Love you, Love our friends, Love our enemies Even Love orange American [...]
Mon, Oct 02, 2017
Source: Zippy

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