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In this episode we speak to Dawn H a 25 year old UK adoptee. As a blogger she has written come moving and insightful posts on her blog here. In this conversation Dawn shares her story and some of the challenges that she's experienced. She also shares insights as to [...]
Sat, Sep 14, 2019
Source: adoptive dad from up north
So, new term, new beginnings. This week we reflect on the summer and get slightly lost in the info banter.We did a small poll on Twitter in relation to anticipation of the new school starting. With the summer at an end and the new academic year we asked people how [...]
Sat, Sep 07, 2019
Source: adoptive dad from up north
Church?I recently watched a BBC documentary entitled, “The Most Dangerous Man in Tudor England”. Fascinating stuff. Melvyn Bragg took us through the dramatic story of William Tyndale and the first English translation of the Bible.The story was not new ... [...]
Wed, Jun 12, 2019
Source: The Godfather of Rainbow Mr Adrian Hawkes
KnowingDuring my time in college studying theology, I concluded that many of the people whose opinions I had to study knew the Bible Scriptures much better than me. However, I also concluded that they did not know the God who inspired it all. I a... [...]
Thu, Mar 14, 2019
Source: The Godfather of Rainbow Mr Adrian Hawkes
I hope you will all forgive me this post. I'm about to make an analogy, I'm aware that for some reading you make think "that's not right". However having had this image growing not just in my head but in my stomach for the last 24 hours I hope writting [...]
Sun, Mar 10, 2019
Source: Colourful Carwen

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