Rainbow Alley Update

As some of you may know we are (with PCC) hoping to get a hub for the Rainbow family to support it’s community.  We prayed over it at the last Rainbow Prayer at Blair and Ema’s and it really feels that God is steering this (excuse me if I’m sounding a bit spiritual)!

The Rainbow Alley is still working on different options like can we build three floors, will we serve food, how much hire space, can we build apartments on the back and other progressive thoughts. These are all depending on time, money and planning permission.  The only real cost we know on this date are the deposit fees and all that mortgages start with.

These are the initial payments we need to cover.
£84,000 Deposit
£8,400 HM Revenue stamp duty
£750 Conveyancing fees
£700 Allowance for searches
£270 Land registry fees
£150 VAT on conveyancing fees

£103,540 Total initial payments

We do still need help with these payments as they are personally being placed on personal bridging loans and in faith we hope that someone will see this as a social investment for the future and help take away the burden of raising this money.

If you would like to speak to us further about this project then please get in touch with us and we can arrange to meet you personally.

Here is a link to the pamphlet we handed out at a fundraising event in knightsbridge and here is a link to some photos of the fundraiser and a poem..