message from Sammy in Kenya

Hi, I pray that this finds you well. we are so excited out here at Rainedge International Centre with all the progress that we are making on the ground. We are indeed seeing changes being effected, seeing us towards breaking even in the near future!
We have been able to farm a total of 16 acres of land this year which is a bit of progress compared to last year where we farmed only 7 acres. The harvest meant a lot for the entire Rainedge family, as we are feeding over 300 kids each lunchtime ie 250 at Living fountain, Sure24 and neighbouring kids from within the community and a further 100 meals each morning and evening at Sure24.. This has been made possible with your help! We indeed do value your friendship and partnership to this end.

We are now asking you to help us maximize on the harvest we anticipate from the 16 acres farmed land! We have already spent over 200,000 KES in rental, seeds, labour and tractor hire and are now looking at meeting the costs of the attached Budget for spraying and weeding. Please help us to realize this as it will help cut down our food bill which in turn we can convert the funds to go towards High School Fees which cost an average of 600,000 per semester ie Ksh. 1,800,000 a year (US $ 25,000).