Listening Campaign

Last Open Mic we launched our listening campaign! Our young people led us and we drew up a pretty good list of things that get us angry, things in our community that we want to change. I just have some dates for you.
25th June:
Before Open Mic this month, we will have a mini-meeting for 15 mins at 3:30pm (Wolves Lane Scout Hut) to hear about the conversations you have been having with the people you come across, neighbours, colleagues, at the school gates or maybe in your work. Bring everything, nothing is irrelevant.
28th June:
Rainbow Citizens Meeting – 8pm at 47 St Paul’s Road, N17 0ND. We’ll be meeting, (won’t take longer than an hour) to decide what our priorities are and nominate people to represent Rainbow at the Haringey Borough Dialogue.
30th June:
Haringey Borough Dialogue – we can send three people to represent us and the issues we decide are most important to us as Rainbow to go and meet with others from all over Haringey.
8-9th July:
As members of London Citizens we have free access to their fantastic training. This two-day block is an “Introduction to Community Organising”. It’s lots of fun, very interactive and a great chance to learn some new skills and meet some amazing people. Get in touch if you want to book on it. The next opportunity will be in September.
If you can’t make any of those, you can still get your two-cents in – just email in your thoughts, stories etc.
Martin Luther King reminded us that there are some things to which we must be creatively maladjusted. We will take these stories of pain and injustice, we’ll take our talents and gifts and together with other groups across North London we can take creative, powerful action to change the world! (Yeah, I said it!)