Hello All, God is good. Keep holding onto that when we live in a world of madness and hurt.  1 in 4 are mentally ill and the other three are more than often self medicating.  It’s a hard time to live in when more and more beliefs and morals are challenged and deflected.  You have to really hold on to what you believe and fight for.

One of the things me and Mrs Zippy did recently is try and name all the people (famous and friends) that we thought were people, in faces of diversity, stood up for truth and light.  It was really encouraging naming them in your mind to remember that you are not alone in what you believe.  Yeah I’m sure all those people I thought have possibly stumbled and tripped but they have searched and fought to do what is right anyhow.  Keep the faith people, it’s all we’ve got!

Little poem here about Belief


10th March 2013 – 3pm


@ Arkansas House
New Orleans Estate
Hornsey N19 3SZ
(not scout hall)

Looking into the in and outs, dangers and hopes, old and the new of prophecy. With Rainbow Jedi’s Stuart and Jane Lindsell giving us tips and questions of on using these gifts from God.
Bring Food to share

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 On Friday the 15th March, Walter Otten is launching his book The Red Hand Gang’ and using the opportunity to throw a party and raise money for projects in Kenya. Join us downstairs at the Star and Garter in Putney. 7pm to 1am!

There is a youtube reading of his book here:

Buy your ebook here of ‘The Red Hand Gang’!

Relationships Debate

31st March 2013 – 3pm


@ Arkansas House
New Orleans Estate
Hornsey N19 3SZ
(not scout hall)

Once a month (Last Sunday) Rainbow debates for all the church to discuss the issue we face as Jesus followers!

This month the debate is Friends & Discipleship.
An Easter Sunday Special on moving on together under a risen son of God.

What is our role as friends?
What is our role a Disciples?
How has our role changed with technology?
Are we being biblical in our community?

Please bring books, bibles and notes for your resources. This is something for all ages that we all need to grow together in what we learn and discuss.

Bring your eggs & hot cross buns!

Photo here by Malachi Kelly from latest trip to Kenya that a few of the Rainbow family have just been on.  Hopefully will get a little blurb for an email out next week. Enjoy the photo for now!
Came to my attention that we probably need to put a Rainbow links to all the Rainbow Fam doing there own radio shows.

Russ Jones  – Future World Funk Show

Jon Bilbrough’s Wilderthon WE DO RADIO

Beleedat Barbie – Zippy & Gangee Theme time

Cool Hugh!!