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Stand together for the refugees

I’d like to apologise for the late information about our next meeting but we have been waiting for the ‘right thing to do’. As I’m sure we are all aware the plight of the immigrants and refugees had to be our focus this month. A part of the heart of Rainbow has always to be to stand up for those that are dis-empowered and marginalized.
With this in mind I would like to CHANGE THE DAY WE MEET THIS MONTH to this coming Saturday the 12th.

ON this day there is a march happening in London so we the people can show our need to want our country to help in the current crisis.

I would like all our Rainbow family to be able to remain safe (thinking of the kids and what images may be around).

So Rainbow will make a base camp in Hyde Park where we safely pray for all the refugees and discussions in house of commons (see Facebook link). We will be at Base camp at 11:30am-4pm, at the tip of the pencil were all the paths meet (see pic below).

Those that want to go and join the march can, to pray in the crowds and stay in contact by phone and those that have kids or feel safer can stay at base camp.  Please bring yourself a little food and lets Pray!!!!!!!!! xxx