Your Father, creator of this planet

Sees you as holy and blameless

Because his son died to take all your wrongs

and the wrongs inflicted on us.

Because of Jesus we can be free

To enter his arms.

Do you agree with him?


You say, “this isn’t right, that isn’t right”

He says, “I love you, let me hold you,

Let me take your burdens, my yoke over you is easy,

Because it says you are entirely accepted

At the point you give yourself to me.

Give up – let me hold you.


Do you think it is your job to be perfect yourself?

Your job is to surrender all to me.

You say, “But how can I do that? It’s too big,

It’s gone too far, there’s too much mess”

He says, “Shhh. Peace, be still. Wait. I am here,

I hold you in my timing, I am coming to mould you,

The things that distress you I will deal with.

Relax, surrender, relax. Trust me – I am here”


“You may have forgotten how I think of you,

But remember I delight in you NOW!

I look at you through eyes of acceptance.

My longing is for you to be swallowed in my love,

Soaked in my acceptance”


“You will be filled as you give yourself up,

But not as you imagine.

For I, your Father and redeemer am waiting

To dream with you, walk with and abide with you.



Jo Hawkes

9th May 2011