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Hello all!

Just sending out an update on dates, announcements and going ons.

Sunday 30th November @ 72 palmerston road, 11am
Come and see, hear, drink tea, pray, discuss and enjoy!

Sunday 7th December @ Costs Coffee, Tottenham Hale Business Park @ 4:30pm  
Important Meeting to take us through the winter into a new spring of Big J, all coffee lovers will be happy as costa says we can have this venue for free if we buy a few coffees and a load of babychinnos

Saturday 13th December @ A Pub
Spurs V Man United.
Meet Gareth for a pint and see if Harry can overturn the Reds.

Sunday 14th December @ Venue TBC
Adrian Hawkes putting his scriptures, wisdom and views to the test.

Saturday 20th December @ Bounces Community Centre, Fox Glove, Edmonton.@ 4:30pm
Mince Pies / Kids Perform / Carols / & a nice coming together for Big J’s Bday.

Monday 22nd December @ Bounces Community Centre, Fox Glove, Edmonton.@ 7pm
Everybody welcome

After Christmas Day, if anyone could organise some gatherings, I’ll text them out – Gareth

Prayer Points
This Wednesday, Alpha starts.  Please pray and many people have been asked to fast something that day.  (i.e. Food / lunch / caffeine / tv, etc)  Please Pray

Still chasing contracts to fund many esol students coming through.

Winter Issue being worked on at mo, Please pray for continual success and cristines busy schedule to achieve these seasonal mags.

Also,  You may have got the announcement and text about possible venture into a building on Tottenham High Road.  The situation at the mo is that It’s going for auction on the 8th December.  If we could raise the deposit before that they would sell the property to us for £1,000,000 (that is not set in stone though).  We physically have done what we can with pcc, ltc, rainbow, ethorpe and all the businesses / charities that have been showing the financial backing but we couldn’t do it unless God does it.  As a business venture, the Avenues are endless but the initial pick up is miraculous.  Have had encouraging converse with banks and financial biggys buy God at the end of the day will be the one that makes this happen. The building has been talked with such things as coffee shops / art classes / sound studio / the schools / college / residents / banqueting suite / car boots / office space, etc so It would be a huge community resource.  
Please pray for GOD’s Plan whatever that nay be.

Mark and Ema are Looking into buying land in somerset to live and work in.  This would be an amazing move for them and need God’s help just to give it a good kick up the bum.  Land is only 100 grand  but with the deposit is still taking its toll.

Please Pray

Gena’s going out on Saturday with colleen and wez, dee and fam are going out next week.  Please pray they have input their in Kenya which is priceless and that Tanya’s Wedding preps all go to plan this month.  Also, Please pray for Tanya & Samson’s Plans and support as they wish to come back to London in the Spring and these are BIG days for them.  X x x